To Get Pregnant Faster – Easy Way to Get Pregnant with Robitussin

To Get Pregnant FasterYou may be surprised what a cough syrup has to do with talks about pregnancy. Guaifenesin is Robitussin’s basic component. This substance is known to help a female to get pregnant faster since it is known to help in the improvement of the cervical mucus. A fertile cervical mucus aids in the transportation of the male sperm from the vagina into the uterus.

Without the presence of fertile cervical mucus, the sperm will not be capable of surviving long enough. Hostile or thick cervical mucus can block the sperm from being able to pass through its way to the vagina where it needs to be in order to fertilize an egg cell. The truth of the matter is that, this very mechanism is one way that hormonal birth control pills are able to prevent you from getting pregnant.


Hormonal birth control pills make an environment which promotes thickening of the cervical mucus which in turn effectively creates a barrier, preventing the male sperm from being able to pass though your cervical canal.

Robitussin is a brand of cough syrup categorized as an expectorant. This implies that it aids in thinning out the mucus located in your lungs. This greatly assists in relieving coughs since it is easier to clear out the mucus found in your lungs if the mucus on it is thinner. What’s even better about this expectorant is that it doesn’t just do wonders on the mucus found in your lungs, it also assists in thinning out the mucus in your cervix. Thinner mucus makes it better for a male sperm to survive longer and may increase your odds to get pregnant faster.

To increase your chances to get pregnant faster, the best time to take Robitussin is around 5 days before your expected ovulation period and on the day of your ovulation as well. If you are making use of ovulation prediction kits or OPK, you must continue taking it until about 2 to 3 days after you have obtained a positive result from your kit. To get pregnant faster, the suggested dose is about 2 teaspoons orally taken thrice daily.

There are also a few things you may do in order to improve cervical mucus and help you to get pregnant faster. One of which is to keep from using lubrications that are not beneficial for sperm survival. Majority of lubricants available from the local pharmacy are not suggested for females who are trying to get pregnant since they can impair the sperm or block their transport.


Ways to Help Get Pregnant – Effective Ways to Get Pregnant

Every woman dreams of becoming a mother one day. There are some females however, who are suffering from infertility and are thus incapable of conceiving a baby. These women are not capable of getting pregnant and therefore, cannot give birth to a baby. Among the most important factors that contribute to the problem of female infertility are stress and unhealthy lifestyle. There are also some mental reasons and a number of psychological concerns that may also contribute to infertility in women not conceiving a baby.

There are a lot of clinics specializing in infertility available in almost every place in the planet which provides a wide array of ways to help get pregnant. In the treatment of infertility and to be able to conceive more rapidly, the first and foremost step usually involves the proper diagnosis of the female. This will greatly help in the identification of the underlying reason behind not being to get pregnant and to make the treatment procedure a lot easier.

The reason however, that plays in female infertility is not yet clear up to date. Such cases of female infertility are often called as unexplained infertility. Infertility can be treated by use of either natural or conventional ways to help get pregnant. There are a number of different emotional and mental reasons that may contribute to this particular type of female infertility that could not be identified upon the process of diagnosis.

Conventional procedures to treat infertility in women make use of a number of various kinds of medications and medical techniques. Some of the other traditional methods to address infertility in women include surgical procedures, assisted reproductive technology or ART and artificial insemination.

On the other hand, natural treatment procedures to treat female infertility use various types of herbal cures such as eleutherococcus senticosis and vitex gnus-castus. The latter is a type of Chinese herb which is also being widely utilized in other medical purposes. Some other form of natural female infertility treatment involves acupuncture, yoga and therapeutic massage. What’s good about using natural treatment procedures in addressing female infertility is that while these methods are as much effective as the traditional ways to help get pregnant, the former also do not have any side effects on their own.

For every female who seek ways to help get pregnant, using the natural route to treating female infertility is usually the right choice. These procedures are easy to do and are relatively safe and effective.

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